Arina Burceva | Ocean Waltz for solo guitar
Arina Burceva | Ocean Waltz for solo guitar

Arina Burceva | Ocean Waltz for solo guitar

Model: 7588 / CNP74547
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for solo guitar

Publication's Style: Soft Cover - Concert size
Pages: 5
Level of Difficulty: Advanced
General Description: Contemporary guitar solo

Having always been enchanted by the ocean, I often turn to it for inspiration and peace of mind. I enjoy breathing in its refreshing scent, watching the tumbling of the waves, gazing at the rainbow of colors reflected in its sparkling waters, feeling the rhythm of the tide... Vast, deep and unpredictable, with its many moods, colors and dynamics, it has served as inspiration for this composition, titled "Ocean Waltz".

A musical reflection of the feelings and emotions evoked by the ocean, this piece features such elements as extended harmonies, chromaticism, fluid melodic lines. Its flexible pulse carries the musical idea throughout the series of modulations and transformations, only to return it to its original state at the end, completing the cycle.


  • Model: 7588 / CNP74547
  • Manufactured by: 1 - C - CNP-Consignment
  • Condition: new

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Arina Burceva | Ocean Waltz for solo guitar