Assad, Sergio / Odair | The Debut Concert, Brussels 1983 CD

Assad, Sergio / Odair | The Debut Concert, Brussels 1983 CD

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Numerous spectators were curious to attend Sergio and Odair Assad’s first concert in Brussels. Their concert was broadcast live on the classical channel of the Belgian radio (RTBF) and simultaneously, thousands of listeners discovered this fabulous Brazilian guitar duo with its amazing virtuosity and spontaneous, sincere musical expression.

In 1983, the Assad Brothers were playing Paul Fischers’ guitars (their long and friendly collaboration with Thomas Humphrey — the guitarmaker from New York —would start three years later). Already well-known in the USA, the Assads were making their European debuts. It was during that same autumn, while listening to his music played by the Assads, that Astor Piazzolla decided to compose the now famous Tango Suite for them.

In 1983, a French journalist wrote « Their dedicated work and their boundless imagination, have given Sergio and Odair the status of commanders in the world of the guitar. Their duo is a veritable phenomenon which, with time to mature, will go down in history ». His prediction became true!

Track Listing:
1. Schottish
2. Valsa
3. Toccata-choro
4. Danza del vecino
5. Danza
6. Allegro ma non troppo
7. Minueto pomposo
8. Allegro vivace


  • Model: 3095 / GHA126057
  • Manufactured by: Naxos
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 675754944520

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