Blemished Sale Item | Gitano Classical Guitar Support

Blemished Sale Item | Gitano Classical Guitar Support

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NOTE: The Gitano come with 3 suction cups and a rubber bumper (already attached).

The Gitano Guitar Support is compact and portable, easily fitting in most case storage pockets. It’s likely the smallest support available at 5.5 inches long, 2.5 inches wide, and less than 1 inch thick. And it’s endorsed by Andrew York.

This support is versatile, working equally well for left- and right-handed guitarists and on both classical and acoustic guitars. It reduces stress on the lower back by helping to maintain a good playing position.

The support's versatility extends to the guitar angles that it makes possible, from steep to almost parallel to the ground. Where you attach the two suction cups to the guitar determines the instrument’s angle.

At the common medium angle, the support provides a lift range of about 2.75 inches to 3.5 inches. Like your guitar nearly flat? The support offers a lift range of about 1 1/8 inches to 1 7/8 inches. Like your guitar steep? The amount of lift increases as the angle increases, reaching a maximum of about 7.25 inches.

Some players like to combine the Gitano with a support cushion for added lift. Dynarette makes large and small support cushions, and Oasis offers large and small cushions as well.

The fabric strap on the support allows a range of rake toward the player, limited by the angled pressure on the suction cups.

The Gitano Guitar Support is an excellent alternative to a foot stool. Some players actually like to combine it with a foot stool, especially at shallower guitar angles.

The support comes with a suction cup protector that's permanent once applied to your guitar. If you try to remove it, there's a potential that residue will mar your guitar's finish. Based on our experience, we recommend the Gitano just for high gloss guitar finishes. It is NOT suitable for guitars with a shellac, satin, or French polish finish, or for expensive guitars. Other suction cup protectors on the market, such as the Kling-On SP-2P-C, are better suited for other finishes and expensive instruments. The Kling-On product uses a light, non-permanent adhesive.

As with any guitar accessory, you should make sure your guitar’s finish has cured at least six months before use. We also recommend that you remove supports and other removable accessories from your guitar after each use.


  • Model: BSI GITANO
  • Manufactured by: EMC Media
  • Condition: New / Blemished
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