Bradlyn (oud and other instruments) | Culture Wheel CD

Bradlyn (oud and other instruments) | Culture Wheel CD

Model: 17796 / Culture Wheel CD
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Culture Wheel
Music for Oud & Other Instruments by Mark J. Bradlyn

About the Music:

1. "Taishokoto" begins with simple variations on a motif played on the Japanese keyed dulcimer known as a Taishokoto. Propelled by a strong Ayoub-Zar rhythm, this song features improvised solos on cumbus and violin as well as the oud.

2. "Janelle" is the first original piece I composed for the oud. The relaxed beat and Latin feeling make it the perfect song to dedicate to my friend, colleague, and dancer extraordinaire, Janelle Rodriguez.

3. "Lamma Bada Yatathanna" is a very popular example of a Muwashshah, a classical Arabo-Andalusian song many hundreds of years old. This Muwashshah is in 10/8 time, which gives it a distinctive swaying feel. The solo is played on electric oud. The orchestration I created for the song includes a sampled Chinese fiddle knows as an Erhu. Su Tang supplied the subtle samai thaquil drumming.

4. "Bint al Iskanderia" (Girl from Alexandria) found its genesis while listening to a recording of a piece by Ethiopian jazz musician Mulatu Astage, who was in his own way influenced by American pianist Horace Silver. With the incorporation of a harmony line, counterpoint, jazzy flute solo, and Latin rhythmic feel this song may be the least middle eastern sounding of the ten songs on this disc.

5. "Ya Satie" is an improvisation on Gnossienne No. 1, a short piano work written in the late 19th century by French composer Erik Satie. The lack of a time signature in the original piece and its obvious Arabic influences make it a perfect vehicle for an interpretation on the oud.

6. "Nawal Street" (in Arabic, Sharia Nawal) is the street in Cairo where I lived for five weeks while studying the oud with Dr. Hussein Saber in 2016. The short exceprt from the Adhan, the “Call to Prayer” was recorded from my apartment window. This song is dedicated to my Egyptian friend Hala Fauzi whose aunt lived close by to Sharia Nawal.

7. "Samai Hijaz Kar Kurd" was composed by the venerated late 19th century Turkish musician Tatyos Efendi. The samai is a Turkish classical music form composed in 10/8 rhythm often including a contrasting middle section in 6/8 or other time signature. I believe this is the first time this composition has been performed on an electric oud.

"Rumeli" is a traditional Turkish Romany dance piece played in karsilama 9/8 rhythm. I perform this song in Maqam Bayati (Turkish: Ushaq), which features a microtone on the second pitch in the scale. The instrumentation includes viola and cumbus.

8. "Culturewheel" is played in the slow, stately rhythm known as ciftitelli. It is a rhythm often used by belly dancers for the traditional sword dance and other dramatic choreographies. The title is taken from the El Sawy Culturewheel, a wonderful concert venue in Zamalek, Cairo. I dedicate this song to my Brazilian/Canadian friend and dancer Carla Naar, who loves to dance to ciftitelli.

9. "Zamalek", the last song on the disc, is an experimental foray into electronic dance music. Zamalek is an upscale Cairo district on Gezira Island in the Nile, a lively place full of art galleries, dance and music clubs, coffee houses, restaurants and vivid night life; a place where music like this would fit right in. This one goes out to Johnny Jo.


  • Model: 17796 / Culture Wheel CD
  • Manufactured by: Bradlyn, Mark J.
  • Condition: New
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