Brubeck | 6 Pieces for solo guitar

Brubeck | 6 Pieces for solo guitar

Model: 12316 / GSP48
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We're sorry, this product has been discontinued.

Composer: Dave Brubeck
6 Pieces (Barbosa-Lima)

Blue Rondo A La Turk, In Your Own Sweet Way, Kathy's Waltz, Pick-Up Sticks, The Duke, 3 To Get Ready

"I'm really grateful for your interest in my music and your outstanding performances of it.'s just great!"- Dave Brubeck, in a letter to Carlos Barbosa-Lima

"These fine arrangements are a fitting tribute to Brubeck and a welcome addition to the repertoire." -Richard L. Matteson Jr., Soundboard Magazine


  • Model: 12316 / GSP48
  • Manufactured by: GSP
  • Condition: New
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