Burceva | Vitoria-Regia for solo guitar
Burceva | Vitoria-Regia for solo guitar

Burceva | Vitoria-Regia for solo guitar

Model: 7472 / CNP74541
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Publication's Style: Soft Cover - Concert size
Pages: 4
Level of Difficulty: Advanced
General Description: Contemporary guitar solo

Vitoria-Regia is a name of a water-lily, native of the Amazon river basin. Its fragrant white flowers blossom and unfurl an night, and when the sun appears in the early morning, they change their color to soft pink.

The legend behind Vitoria-Regia tells of a young girl of Tupi tribe, by the name Naja, who was enchanted by the beauty of the moon and the stars, dreaming to become one of them. One night, as the aroma of the tropical night pulled at her dreams, the moon laid an intense light on the waters of Amazon river. Seeing its reflection on the water's surface, Naja, in her innocence, thought that the moon had come to bathe itself in the river and allow her to touch it. She dove into the deep waters, and disappeared forever... The moon took pity of the girl and transformed her into a beautiful water-lily - Vitoria Regia - with an inebriating perfume and petals that spread on the water to receive the full light of the moon.

Inspired by the legend, this lyrical composition is dedicated to my mentor, Sergio Assad, a brilliant musician and a wonderful teacher who inspired and guided me on the exploration of musical languages of various cultures, particularly of Brazil, and taught me to utilize the rich palette of tonal shades and colors, rhythmic and dynamic nuances to create the musical paintings of my own.


  • Model: 7472 / CNP74541
  • Manufactured by: Clear Note Publications
  • Condition: New

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