Choro Sereno

Choro Sereno

Model: 12369 / GSP86
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Composer: Paulo Bellinati
4 Pages
(as recorded by Paulo on Serenata)
A typical Brazilian "choro" dedicated to one of the composer's best friend and pupil Francisco Gusso.
"A beautiful piece in this tradition, endowed with rich harmony." - Les Cahiers de la Guitare
"The interesting 'Latin' chords, pleasant rhythm, and the fragments of melody scattered throughout this piece make it an attractive addition to the ever-popular music of South America." - Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar Magazine
"...sweet, soft, and charming." - Les Cahiers de la Guitare


  • Model: 12369 / GSP86
  • Manufactured by: GSP
  • Condition: new
Choro Sereno