Classical Pieces arr. by Eric Waters for Flute and Guitar

Classical Pieces arr. by Eric Waters for Flute and Guitar

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Composer: Various
Presents 33 easy to moderately-difficult arrangements of works by Bach, Beethoven, Bellini, Carulli, Czerny, Giuliani, Haydn, Leopold and Wolfgang Mozart, Mussorgsky, Purcell, Schubert, Vivaldi, and others. Thoroughly researched, all of the arrangements are faithful to the original compositions while remaining very readable. Selections include "The Old Castle" from "Pictures at an Exhibition" (Mussorgsky), "Largo" from "The Four Seasons" by Vivaldi, "Casta Diva” from the opera "Norma" by Bellini, and many more. Flute and guitar duos of any level will find this book both useful and beautiful--a great "gig" book.

The guitar part is written in standard notation only. A free solo flute part download is available for use with this title.

Format: Book + Online PDF
Series: Bill's Music Shelf
Publisher: Bill's Music Shelf
Date Published: 10/1/2009

Song List
"Komm, Liebe Zither" (K. 351) Mozart
Air (from the opera: La Bella Molinara) Paisiello
Allegretto (op. 120, #5) Carulli
Allegretto (op. 823, #52) Czerny
Andante (op. 120, #4) Carulli
Andante (op. 120, #9) Carulli
Ariette (op. 95, #3) Giuliani
Ave Maria (op. 52, #6 - D. 839) Schubert
Bourree (BWV 816) Bach
Bourree (BWV 817) Bach
Casta Diva (from the opera: Norma) Bellini
Das Blumchen Wunderhold (op. 52, #8) Beethoven
Das Kinderspiel (K. 598) Mozart
Die Grossmuthige Gelassenheit (K. 149) Leopold Mozart
Die Zufriedenheit (K. 349) Mozart
Die Zufriedenheit im Niedrigen Stande (K. 151) Leopold Mozart
Geheime Liebe (K. 150) Leopold Mozart
Gottes Macht und Vorsehung (op. 48, #5) Beethoven
Il Vecchio Castello (Pictures at an Exhibition) Musorgsky
Largo (from: The Four Seasons - op. 8, #4) Vivaldi
Laudate Dominum (K. 339) Mozart
Lecon (op. 27, part 3, #8) Carulli
Lied (op. 52, #6) Beethoven
Marmotte (op. 52, #7) Beethoven
Menuet (BWV An. II, 132)
Menuet (from: Anna Magadalena Notebook)
Moderato (op. 823, #24) Czerny
Poco Allegretto (op. 120, #14) Carulli
Prelude (BWV 927) Bach
Prelude (from: Suite in G - Z. 662) Purcell
Rigadoon (Z. 653) Purcell
Scherzo (from: Hob. XVI/9) Haydn
Sehnsucht no. 2 (WoO 134) Beethoven


  • Model: 7238 / MB20139
  • Manufactured by: Mel Bay
  • Condition: new
  • UPC: 796279090902
  • ISBN: 9780786669080

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Classical Pieces arr. by Eric Waters for Flute and Guitar