Corr | Guitar Academy Book 2 with CD

Corr | Guitar Academy Book 2 with CD

Model: 7249 / corrBK2 / 274923 ISBN: 9780955274923
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"one of the best [tutor books] I have ever seen..."
-Chris Dumigan, Classical Guitar Magazine

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Guitar Academy Book 2 continues the broad and varied approach to learning guitar established in Book One. Thus, as well as learning the skills typically associated with the classical guitarist – reading music, technique, and repertoire – the student also develops the more popular style skills of chord knowledge and improvisation. There are also many opportunities to work at ensemble and ear training.

Technique: Developing free stroke technique – all explanations are supported by high quality illustrations; Music Theory: accidentals, key signatures, the dotted crotchet, ties, 6/8 time signature, swing rhythms, Italian terms, scales & modes, 12 bar blues, chord theory – primary chords & transposition, completing the knowledge of first position by learning the notes on the bass strings; Song/Chord supplement: popular songs with suggested strumming rhythms & finger picking styles; Ensemble Supplement: trios and quartets; Improvisation: being creative with various scales/modes; Ear training: exercises to encourage playing by ear; recognizing intervals and chords, with associated tests included on the CD; Extra Features: Pupil/teacher duets, Guitar tabulature explained, Tests, Website directory, Homework Diary; CD recording – with backing tracks

"The Guitar Academy series is a well-thought out set of learning materials designed to provide a fun and engaging experience for the beginning guitarist. One of the great things about this series is that it can be used by a teacher and student, in a classroom setting or by a student on their own, and the learning experience will not be diminished in any fashion. Hats off to Corr for putting together such a successful series of books, and for expanding the options students have for learning materials as they begin their journey to learning this great instrument." By: Matt Warnock, Guitar International book review.

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  • Model: 7249 / corrBK2 / 274923
  • Manufactured by: Corr, Richard
  • Condition: New
  • ISBN: 9780955274923

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