De Lucia | Scores, Book 1 for flamenco guitar

De Lucia | Scores, Book 1 for flamenco guitar

Model: H - 1114 / PDLucia_Bk1 UPC: 9780901310309 ISBN: 9780901310309
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Paco de Lucia applied modern harmony to the flamenco guitar, exerting a huge influence on the flamenco world. He also advanced guitar technique and established the cajon, a boxlike Peruvian percussion instrument, as a mainstay in flamenco ensembles, further elaborating and solidifying the rhythmic foundation and influencing all facets of the flamenco art form, be it dance (baile), song (cante) or guitar performance (toque).

This volume marks the first in a series of collections of chronologically transcribed recordings by this consummate guitarist; It presents works from his first recording, La fabulosa guitarra de Paco de Lucia including: Barrio la vina; De madruga; Farruca de Lucia; Impetu; Jerezana; Llanto a Cadiz; Punta del Faro; and Punta Umbria. Every effort was made to accurately render this music in standard notation and tablature ultimately approved by the artist himself. A foreword, explanation of notation symbols, and generous performance notes are included in Spanish, English and French.


  • Model: H - 1114 / PDLucia_Bk1
  • Manufactured by: La Sonanta Prod.
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 9780901310309
  • ISBN: 9780901310309

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