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La Bella Early Instruments Classical Guitar Strings

Strings By Mail is your source for La Bella Classical Guitar Strings - Early Instruments Strings

Our collection of Old World Renaissance Era Strings for Early Instruments include: The Renaissance Guitar, Renaissance Vihuela, Baroque Guitar, and the Romantic Terz Guitar.

For centuries the center for string making in Italy was the small town of Salle in Abruzzi. Local church records reveal that the chief string manufacturing families were Berti, Dorazio, Ruffini and Mari. The Mari family has carried on this tradition since 1640, producing strings of superior quality for the most discriminating luthiers and performers. Today, E & O Mari, the parent company of La Bella, continues to manufacture the highest grade nylon, overspun and gut strings. Taking into consideration the most recent early music scholarship, they have redesigned the catalogue of strings for historic instruments.