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Dean Markley Helix Elliptical Wound Electric Guitar Strings

NPS Electric Helix HD™

The revolutionary Helix HD is imbedded with essential life strands that genetically alter yesterday's string, providing a smoother feel and a brighter, more resonant tone.
Developed exclusively by the Dean Markley Music Labs, the new patent-pending Hyper-Elliptical Winding process is the most innovative break-through in string technology in since the beginning.
Helix HD's newly engineered "genetic string code" provides a smoothness and performance unrivaled by any conventional string. The Hyper-Elliptical Winding process allows an increased number of wraps along the length of the string. This increases the mass of your string, without changing its diameter or material. More mass means more tone, more life. Helix HD – Experience the most innovative guitar string made—ever.