Disturbed, A Lullaby for solo guitar

Disturbed, A Lullaby for solo guitar

Model: 11351 / 144-40558 UPC: 680160604791 ISBN: 1598063928
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by David Leisner ( 1953 - )

Instrumentation: Guitar
Duration: 5 min.
Music Period: 20th Century
Advanced Difficulty Level
Published by Merion Music, Inc.

David Leisner describes Disturbed, a Lullaby as a lullaby interrupted, a disturbed state of mind that can never quite relax, or both. Either way, this is a lullaby for a troubled time. The work begins with a floating phrase that builds gradually into dense and unsettling counterpoint, eventually returning to the beginning theme, with a ghost of the lullaby in harmonics. Performance notes included.


  • Model: 11351 / 144-40558
  • Manufactured by: Theodore-Presser
  • Condition: new
  • UPC: 680160604791
  • ISBN: 1598063928

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Disturbed, A Lullaby for solo guitar