El Diablo: Estudio de Sevilla

El Diablo: Estudio de Sevilla

Model: 5009 / 494-02005
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Francisco Tarrega, El Diablo: Estudio de Sevilla

edited by John King

Tuscany Publications 494-02005

10 pages with excellent preface.

There are several extant versions of Tarrega's Study on a Theme of Vieuxtemps (P. 179), but most of them were carelessly copied and are missing key phrases and essential right hand fingering; consequently, the piece has usually been left out of integral editions and recordings. This new edition, based on a recently discovered autograph manuscript, corrects these errors, illuminates the didactic purpose of the piece, and restores a fine composition (not transcription!) to the concert repertoire where it belongs. Includes a copy of the original Vieuxtemps violin study, to demonstrate that Tarrega's Estudio is an original work based on a Vieuxtemps theme, and not merely a transcription. 2 pp. introduction, 8 pp music.


  • Model: 5009 / 494-02005
  • Manufactured by: Theodore-Presser
  • Condition: new

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El Diablo: Estudio de Sevilla