Gordon | Mount Desor for solo guitar | PDF download

Gordon | Mount Desor for solo guitar | PDF download

Model: JG 2-212d - DL
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We're sorry, this item is no longer available as an individual piece however it's offered as part of a collection titled, "Royale Rhythms & Accents".

A preview of this piece is available.

Mount Desor from Royale Rhythms and Accents
Composer: Jay Gordon
Published by Little Boat Music
5 pages
includes Performance Notes

Mount Desor has a courtly, even militaristic pulse with huge far-reaching open-voiced harmonies. It's a short piece, but meant to feel monolithic, like the bump in the landscape it is on Isle Royale.

The title Mount Desor comes from a place name on Isle Royale in Lake Superior. Mount Desor is part of a six-piece collection featuring locales found on the island.
This piece is part of a collection titled "Royale Rhythms & Accents".

The list of movements are:
1. Intro & Inner Reef
2. Dead Horse Rocks
3. Starvation Point
4. Mount Desor
5. Ollie's Dogs Rocks
6. Little Boat

Jay Gordon
Excelsior, Minnesota


  • Model: JG 2-212d - DL
  • Manufactured by: 0-Discontinue
  • Condition: New
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