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Savarez NFA Silver Plated Wound Singles Classical Guitar Strings
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Savarez Classical Guitar Strings Silver Plated Wound Nylon Strings (Ref. NFA) have a bright and clear sound and great sustain. They are especially recommended for the musicians who seek the best sound projection in the respect of the original sound. Length : 1 m.

Diameters/PUL (Linear Density)

Rather than to mention the diameter, Savarez specifies the linear density (PUL) of each string in order to determine the choice of the string according to the desired tension. Depending on their composition, two strings can have a similar linear density (PUL) but not necessarily the same diameter, but they will sound with the same tension; and the other way around two strings that have the same diameter can have a different linear density (PUL) and will not sound with the same tension.

Strings By Mail staff has listed the gauges measured in house for further reference.
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