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Mandocello Strings
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That lead voice on Weather Report's hit "Birdland" came not just from Jaco's bass, but also from the mandocello that he overdubbed for the studio version. Cheap Trick even wrote a song titled "Mandocello" for their debut album, and Rick Neilsen later played an electric mandocello on the title track from "Heaven Tonight."

Today, the mandocello is used in musical genres ranging from classical to bluegrass to Celtic to rock. It's the lowest voiced instrument commonly found in the mandolin family. And as you might expect from the name, what the cello is to the violin, the mandocello is to the mandolin.

We offer mandocello strings in bronze, phosphor bronze, and carbon steel from D'Addario and Dogal, an Italian firm we think so much of that Strings By Mail is the U.S. distributor for its guitar and bass strings.

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