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Acoustic Guitar Strings

Acoustic Guitar Strings
No matter what kind of acoustic guitar you own, from the most humble beginner's instrument to professional models costing thousands of dollars, your sound will be strongly influenced by your strings.

That sound varies extensively among acoustic guitar strings, depending on which materials and manufacturing techniques are used. The sound you want will vary somewhat based on whether you play folk, bluegrass, country, acoustic rock, or another musical genre.

Want a warm, mellow tone with less volume? Look for strings made from softer metals like gold. If the strings are wound, look for a core made with significant amounts of a soft, pliant material like silk. An example of a warmer sounding acoustic set is the GHS Silk and Steel strings.

Want a bright sound with more volume? Check out strings made with harder metals like stainless steel — especially if they have a solid metal core. An example of a bright acoustic set is the John Pearse 80/20 Bronze.

Special manufacturing processes also can enhance acoustic guitar strings. For example, the Elixir 11052 Nanoweb Coated 80/20 Bronze strings feature a very thin coating technology for extended longevity.

So what are the best acoustic guitar strings? Whichever ones you like best. That's something you learn by trying different strings. If you'd like some guidance, we're happy to recommend the GHS S315 and the John Pearse 160SL, both of which are very popular with Strings By Mail customers.

To learn more, visit our acoustic guitar string basics page.

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