J.S. Bach for Acoustic Guitar (Book + Online Audio)

J.S. Bach for Acoustic Guitar (Book + Online Audio)

Model: 6372 / MB97104BCD UPC: 9780786692118 ISBN: 0-7866-9211-1
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J.S. Bach for Acoustic Guitar (Book + Online Audio)
12 Solos in Notation and Tablature

J. S. Bach is the most sought after composers of all time. He is everybody's favorite! Best selling author Ben Bolt has inked 12 solos for guitar in this book. Included are moderate to advanced solos in notation and tablature. All 12 solos are recorded in order like the book. The recording can easily stand on it's own for your listening pleasure, or can be used as an instructional tool. Professor Bolt also includes a copy of Bach's original manuscript of Partita No. 1 for cross-reference purposes. Includes the following pieces: Sleepers Awake! (from Cantata No. 140), Gavotte, Prelude (from 3rd Cello Suite), Courante (from 3rd Cello Suite), Corrente (from 1st Violin Partita), Bourree (from 1st Violin Parita), Prelude in D (from 1st Cello Suite), Gigue (from 1st Cello Suite), Sarabande (from 2nd Lute Suite), Gigue (from 2nd Lute Suite), Courante (from 1st Lute Suite) and Fugue. Includes access to online audio.


  • Model: 6372 / MB97104BCD
  • Manufactured by: Mel Bay
  • Condition: new
  • UPC: 9780786692118
  • ISBN: 0-7866-9211-1
J.S. Bach for Acoustic Guitar (Book + Online Audio)