Jose Marin - Tonos (1619-1699 for Voice and Guitar)

Jose Marin - Tonos (1619-1699 for Voice and Guitar)

Model: 6077 / MB96578 ISBN: 9780786627219
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composed by Jose Marin ; edited by Alicia Lazaro

These fifty-one beautiful songs, with Spanish lyrics that are worthy of the music, make up one of the premier collections of the Spanish baroque period. While lyrics appear in Spanish only with no English translation, the original guitar tablature (which appears upside-down to today's readers) is retained and complemented by clear transcriptions of the melodies and guitar accompaniment in standard notation.

Copious historical and technical notes in Spanish and English accompany this important scholarly publication. Marin - court musician, composer, guitarist, singer, priest, thief, and alleged murderer -was tortured, defrocked and sentenced to ten years in the galleys. The sentence was commuted and after a brief period of imprisonment and years of wandering in exile, a "repentant" Marin was welcomed back to Madrid where he lived a model life.

Product Number: 96578
Format: Book
ISBN: 0786627212
UPC: 9627904235
ISBN13: 9780786627219
Series: Chanterelle
Publisher: Chanterelle
Date Published: 7/14/2010


  • Model: 6077 / MB96578
  • Manufactured by: Mel Bay
  • Condition: New
  • ISBN: 9780786627219
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