Juan Martin, El Arte Flamenco de la Guitarra Vol 1 & 2 Book w/CD

Juan Martin, El Arte Flamenco de la Guitarra Vol 1 & 2 Book w/CD

Model: 6110 / 564-02903 **d/c UPC: 680160581122 ISBN: 9790224400007
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A book for those wishing to learn the marvelous art of the flamenco guitar, presented by one of the most celebrated performers. This comprehensive method assumes no knowledge of flamenco or music on the part of the beginner. The Method has been designed for the player of any standard. You may be an absolute beginner with no previous knowledge of music or the guitar, or you may already play the guitar quite well. Your ambitions may be just to be able to enjoy yourself playing Flamenco, or they may reach much further, perhaps even so far as pursuing a professional career with the guitar.

Whatever the case, the Method will provide the basis for you to advance greatly your skill and understanding, so that you find in the joys and sorrows of Flamenco something more of that capacity for expressing oneself through the guitar which Juan Martin so excitingly demonstrates.

This book covers everything that you need to know to start playing Flamenco; playing, practicing, history, technique, how to become a pro, the role of the guitar etc. It even covers some intermediate level concert pieces at the end! It begins each toque (form) really basic but then builds it up to more and more advanced level which is still suitable for the complete beginner. It is in TAB as well as conventional notation.

Item Number: 564-02903
Instrumentation: Guitar
Publisher: UNITED MUSIC PUBLISHERS (#M224400007)


  • Model: 6110 / 564-02903 **d/c
  • Manufactured by: 0-Discontinue
  • Condition: new
  • UPC: 680160581122
  • ISBN: 9790224400007

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Juan Martin, El Arte Flamenco de la Guitarra Vol 1 & 2 Book w/CD