Kanengiser | Rondo Alla Turka CD

Kanengiser | Rondo Alla Turka CD

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William Kanengiser (guitar)
Composer: G.F. Handel
1. St No.8 in D: Allemande
2. St No.8 in D: Allegro
3. St No.8 in D: Courante
4. St No.8 in D: Aria
5. St No.8 in D: Gavotte With Vars
6. St No.8 in D: Gigue

L. Brouwer
7. El Decameron Negro: El Arpa Del Guerrero (The Warrior's Harp)
8. El Decameron Negro: La Huida De Los Amantes Por El Valle De Los Ecos (The Flight Of The Lovers
9. El Decameron Negro: Ballada De La Concella Enamorada (Ballad Of The Maiden In Love)

W.A Mozart
10. Son in A, K.331: Andante Grazioso
11. Son in A, K.331: Menuetto
12. Son in A, K.331: Rondo 'Alla Turka'

B. Head
13. Sketches For Friends: 33rd Street Ballad
14. Sketches For Friends: Lobster Tale
15. Sketches For Friends: November Song
16. Sketches For Friends: Brookland Boogie


  • Model: 4000 / GSP1004CD
  • Manufactured by: GSP
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 095888100423

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