Kevin McCormick Solo Guitar CD

Kevin McCormick Solo Guitar CD

Model: 6014 / Solo Guitar UPC: 783707996820
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1. Prelude No. 1 (heitor Villa-lobos) 4:33
2. Spanish Romance (traditional) 3:03
3. Adelita (francisco Tarrega) 1:39
4. Prelude No. 2 (heitor Villa-lobos) 3:14
5. Lagrima (francisco Tarrega) 1:43
6. Prelude No. 3 (heitor Villa-lobos) 5:04
7. Capricho Arabe (francisco Tarrega) 5:02
8. Choro Brasileiro (joao T. Pernambuco) 2:28
9. Etude Ix (op. 6) (fernando Sor) 4:02
10. Prelude No. 4 (heitor Villa-lobos) 3:31
11. Gymnopedie No. 1 (erik Satie) 2:37
12. Nocturne (johann Kaspar Mertz) 2:50
13. Prelude No. 5 (heitor Villa-lobos) 3:28
14. Scherzino Mexicano (manuel Maria Ponce) 3:03

A fine collection of classical guitar classics beautifully performed and superbly recorded on location in the Texas Hill Country. Kevin McCormick, known for his lush tones, effortless phrasing and strikingly original compositions, is finally captured performing pieces by Villa-Lobos, Tarrega, Sor and Satie. Villa-Lobos' Cinq Preludes weave a thread through the collection taking us to the timeless "Spanish Romance," the delicate Tarrega serenades "Adelita" and "Lagrima," the passionate "Capricho Arabe" and the delightful choro by Pernambuco. Ponce's "Scherzino Mexicano" and Mertz "Nocturne" highlight McCormick's innate sense of melody and dance in this wonderful recording.

"My staff pick is Kevin McCormick CD collection,(Songs of the Martin; Americas; Solo Guitar); a new line we are carrying. All three are a pleasure to listen to."
-Holly, SBM Staff


  • Model: 6014 / Solo Guitar
  • Manufactured by: 1 - C - Mirabilis Records/Press
  • Condition: new
  • UPC: 783707996820
Kevin McCormick Solo Guitar CD