Kremona Piezo Pickup for Classical or Flamenco Guitar

Kremona Piezo Pickup for Classical or Flamenco Guitar

Model: NG-1



Professional Piezo Pickup for Classical or Flamenco Guitar. An excellent, unobtrusive piezo pickup which attaches to the instrument's tie block. Simply loosen the strings, slide the pickup underneath the winding and re-tune. No adjustment to your instrument is necessary.

The pickup has a 1/8 inch jack at its base. Included is a 1/8 to 1/4 inch cable so you can plug in to just about any amplifier. The cable is 8 FEET long.

Dimensions to properly fit on your bridge under your strings:
2 7/8 long x 7/16 wide

-Not recommended as a permanent installation/travel or for rounded bridges as the pickup itself is flat. Please be careful as to not put the cable attached to the unit under any stress. Some players may use a direct box or loop the cable loosely through their belt loop.


  • Model: NG-1
  • Manufactured by: Kremona


Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars
  • Marc Scordato - Apr 06, 2013
    Truth be told, I purchased this pickup because it was cheap. I was having a much more expensive pickup installed in my steel string and thought I would get an inexpensive pickup on the classical on the off chance I should plug in. I love the sound of this pick up, It sounds far better then the expensive one in my steel string. In fact the shop that installed both pickups was so impressed they hooked up with Kremona and became a distributor.