Les Soirees d' Auteuil

Les Soirees d' Auteuil

Model: 6906 / CNP60367
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Publication's Style: Soft Cover
Level of Difficulty: Intermediate
General Description: Concert Solo from the Classical period

Les Soirees d' Auteuil written by Napoleon Coste, who was born in the village of Amondans in France on June 27th, 1805, is from his collection of solo works entitled Souvenirs Book II.

The lyric Serenade followed by an engaging Scherzo, a work originally written for the seven string guitar, represent Coste's departure from the more established style of sonata form prevalent in the classical era to more romantic pieces that in some way represent his impressions of the locale after which they were named.


  • Model: 6906 / CNP60367
  • Manufactured by: CNP-Consignment
  • Condition: New

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