Moulaert | Suite pour guitare for solo guitar

Moulaert | Suite pour guitare for solo guitar

Model: D- 2995 / E5375B / 564-02356
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Andres Segovia. The name itself is equated with the best performance on classical guitar. Over a long and distinguished career as the preeminent performer on the instrument, Segovia was presented with manuscripts and dedications throughout, and amassed an extraordinary collection of "new" and unpublished works for the guitar by some of the finest composers of his time. In recent years, Angelo Gilardino (himself an accomplished guitarist and longtime editor for Edizioni Berben) was given permission to assess and explore the accumulated library, which somewhat naturally gave rise to The Andres Segovia Archive - an ongoing series of First Publications from Berben of the lost treasures being unearthed. Gilardino saved the Moulaert Suite for last (for reasons explained in the accompanying notes), but considers it to be of the utmost importance in the repertoire, a work of the stature of the Ponce Sonata (or, rather, the Second Sonata, presumed lost for all time). As with the other entries in this series, Gilardino provides extensive background and manuscript copies - he shares the wonder of "discovery" with us all. Berben Publishing House, Ancona, Italy. 51 pages.


  • Model: D- 2995 / E5375B / 564-02356
  • Manufactured by: Berben
  • Condition: New

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