Music Sorb : Gentle Humidity Control for Violin or Viola

Music Sorb : Gentle Humidity Control for Violin or Viola

Model: Music Sorb VnVa
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The Music Sorb Violin and Viola Pack contains three 30-gram units for your violin or viola (a total of 90 grams or 0.2 lbs). In dry geographic areas, we strongly suggest that you read about preconditioning the units.

Music Sorb is an ideal humidity control solution because you place it in your instrument case and that’s it. It doesn't need to be dipped, plugged in, or hung in a special position. You can concentrate on more important things. Just place it in your instrument case and forget it for a year.

Music Sorb has a minimum life expectancy of one year at which time it may need to be replaced depending on how hard it has worked to maintain the right humidity. (Like a rechargeable battery, it wears down. But if you have been good at keeping your case closed, it may last past a year.)

Music Sorb humidity control units “adsorb” (not “absorb”) moisture out of the air when the humidity is above 50%RH and “desorb” that same moisture when the humidity is below 50%RH. It will, thus, maintain the right humidity range of 40% RH to 60% RH in your instrument case.

Music Sorb comes in three sizes: Guitar Pack, Violin/Viola Pack, and Cello Pack. For string bass, you use one violin pack and one cello pack.

Music Sorb:
  • Is not a desiccant
  • Controls humidity in your instrument case
  • Adsorbs when humidity is above 50%RH
  • Desorbs when humidity is below 50%RH
  • Is inert
  • Is not expensive
  • Is all natural
  • Lasts minimum one year
Place Music Sorb pouches in your instrument case. Keep the case closed except to remove or replace your instrument. If you live in an area with humidity below 40% RH when you open the package, you will need to pre-condition the Music Sorb units so that they have enough moisture to begin their hard work.

Music Sorb is completely safe and inert. Direct contact will not harm the instrument. If you have further questions, you will find many answers here.


  • Model: Music Sorb VnVa
  • Manufactured by: Music Sorb
  • Condition: New
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