Noad | Guitar for Beginners Series 1 DVD

Noad | Guitar for Beginners Series 1 DVD

Model: D-H- 7887 / FN8
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"Frederick Noad's famous GUITAR FOR BEGINNERS series, screened nationally on public television, is now available on DVD. Series 1 consists of 12 lessons on 3 DVD's, (there are 4 lessons per DVD). Lessons are approximately 1/2 hour each. Instructional booklets accompanies each 4 lessons.

Can be played on your PC or TV

Each lesson concludes with a performance by Mr.Noad
List of Lessons

Lesson 1: How to tune. Playing position. The rest stroke. Alternation.
Lesson 2: Both hands together. Tablature. Melodies. Coordination exercise.
Lesson 3: Chord Technique. C and G7 chords. Accompanying a song.
Lesson 4: Arpeggio Technique. New Chords. Completion of basic techniques.
Lesson 5: Music Reading. Counting. Open strings. Duets with teacher.
Lesson 6: Notes on the first two strings. Melodies. Duets.
Lesson 7: Third String Notes. Rests. Tied notes. Aura Lee.
Lesson 8: Fourth String. Music in two parts. Reading simple chords.
Lesson 9: 5th String Notes. Counting faster notes. Sharps. Russian Folk Song.
Lesson 10: Spanish Zambra. Introduction to Malguena.
Lesson 11: Malaguena. Syncopation. Etude by Carulli.
Lesson 12: Final playthrough and self-test.

It is also possible to purchase the lessons in groups or complete set:

Complete Set - Lessons 1-24
Series 1 - Lessons 01-12
Series 2 - Lessons 13-24

or in groups of four lessons, see below for their links.

Lessons 1-4
Lessons 5-8
Lessons 9-12
Lesson 13-16
Lessons 17-20
Lessons 21-24

Now available, for the first time on CD, Guitar for Beginners Series 1 & 2 exercise and performance piece collection.

Guitar for Beginners Series 1 Audio CD
Guitar for Beginners Series 2 Audio CD


  • Model: D-H- 7887 / FN8
  • Manufactured by: D and H
  • Condition: New
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