Ostersjo | Tales From the North CD

Ostersjo | Tales From the North CD

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ARTISTS: Stefan Ostersjo, guitar
Instruments: 6-string guitar by Jose Ramirez 1980; 10-string guitar by Jaroslaw Mach 1979
Publisher: Wilhelm Hansen Edition, Copenhagen

A play on words based on the well-known playing card-inspired suite Tales from a hand (Lad kortene fortaelle) has provided the title of this diamond of a double CD containing the complete guitar works of Per Norgard.

Since 2002, guitarist Stefan Ostersjo has been engaged in an artistic research project at the Malmo Academy of Music, in which he has studied his own collaboration with a number of composers. He has devoted many of these studies to one of the most significant composers of our time, Per Nørgard (b. 1932), and his complete works for guitar.

CD 1

1-6 Libra (1973) version for 10-string guitar (premier recording)
7 Returns (1976)
8 Papalagi - minute music (1981), version B
9-14 Early Morn - five Preludes to a Serenade (1998)
15 In Memory of . . . (1978) version for 10-string guitar
CD 2
1 Rondino Amorino (2000) premiere recording
2 Papalagi - minute music (1981) version a, for guitar and clockwork
3-20 Tales From a Hand (1985-2001)

Caprice 22064


  • Model: 7808 / CAP22064
  • Manufactured by: Naxos
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 675754035457
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