What Guitar Strings Do I Need?

Classical or Flamenco Guitars

Although played by a diversity of players, such a Willi Nelson, Early Klugh, & Andres Segovia, the nylon string guitars that come directly from the Spanish tradition are all referred to as classical guitars. They all have a similar body shape with a wider neck attached to the body at the 12th fret. While it is not common some of these guitars may have a cutaway body to allow easier reach for higher notes on the neck.

Metal based “acoustic” or “electric” guitar strings cannot be used on these classical or flamenco guitars without the potential of causing damage because of the difference in overall tension. Classical or flamenco guitars use plastic treble strings and bass strings with metal wire wound over a threaded core, which vibrate the lightly braced top with relatively low tension.
Classical Guitar Strings

Acoustic Guitars (Steel Core)

While acoustic means sound created without a pickup or amplification the term “Acoustic guitar” refers in particular to the steel strung guitars traditionally used in American country, folk, acoustic rock, and popular music. These guitars usually have larger bodies than a classical or flamenco guitar and more variety of body shape options, almost all with thinner neck attached to the body of the guitar at the 14th or higher fret. They also more commonly than classical guitars have a cutaway body to allow easier reach for higher notes on the neck.

These guitars use metal strings that create the necessary higher tension to vibrate the sturdy top and create a good sound with a good volume.
Acoustic Guitar Strings

Electric Guitars

Used in many styles Electric guitars are most common in Rock and Jazz. They may have a hollow body, usually with slender “f” holes cut in the body and produce a small acoustic sound, but most have a solid body and almost no sound without being amplified. They generally have a very thin body profile with single or double cutaways of the body at the neck, for easy access to higher notes.

These guitars use metal strings which create sound when magnetic pickups sense motion of the strings and create an electric signal for amplification.
Electric Guitar Strings