Paradiso | La Chitarra Volante Vol 2 w/2 CD's minus one

Paradiso | La Chitarra Volante Vol 2 w/2 CD's minus one

Model: 14106 / EC11455 UPC: 9790215903234
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Text in Italian
By Vito Nicola Paradiso

Il viaggio continua con musiche e danze dal mondo
(The journey continues with music and dance from the world)

Autore: Vito Nicola PARADISO
Materia: Chitarra
Collana: Curci Young
Serie: La chitarra volante
Formato: 23,5x31,5
Pagine: 96

The guitar volume wheel 2 is presented in a new edition revised and corrected.

In it, the technical level and the progressive difficulty of the songs gradually develop the trail started in the first volume.

In the first part of this book are presented many new songs. Enjoyable to play, introduce each new topic with a simple and accessible approach.

The second part, however, contains an extensive anthology of solo pieces is useful to consolidate all the technical issues addressed, both as a repertoire ready for use in case of essays and concerts.

The method is accompanied by two CDs recorded in minus one, to hear and play with the accompaniment tracks proposed.

It 'also attached to the Appendix to the method - the book of accompaniments: chords and rhythmic (EC 11533), to play the songs with the rhythmic and harmonic accompaniment.

-development and deepening of the theoretical basis of music;
-study and implementation of new techniques: barre, ligatures, changes in tuning, vibrato, glissando, natural harmonics, Etouffe, bending, campanelas, rasguedos;
-extension of the solo repertoire with songs chosen to consolidate all of the topics addressed. In the company of two cute characters from the first volume, the students will discover the fascinating world of ethnic music, full of new sounds and rhythms: mambo, fandango, Sirtaki, samba, rock and roll, tarantella and many others.


  • Model: 14106 / EC11455
  • Manufactured by: edizioni CURCI
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 9790215903234
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