Petr Eben | 33 Czech Folksongs, Teacher's score

Petr Eben | 33 Czech Folksongs, Teacher's score

Model: 5680 / ECH2211 UPC: 9790204701810 ISBN: 9790204701810
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Teacher's score - Petr Eben has encouraged and approved these arrangements for two-guitars, pupil and teacher. The student always plays the original melody which is often repeated in a different register allowing for the playing of complete melodic phrases with the thumb. A feature of these arrangements is the early and frequent use of the second and third positions, and to a lesser extent, positions four to five; this is done for essentially musical reasons and teachers are advised to follow the suggested left hand fingering. Right hand fingerings are given to show whether a phrase should begin with the index or middle finger or the thumb.

Series: Chanterelle
Publisher: Chanterelle
Date Published: 2/20/1998

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  • Model: 5680 / ECH2211
  • Manufactured by: Mel Bay
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 9790204701810
  • ISBN: 9790204701810
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