Pujol | La Guitarra 2 | Elegia for solo guitar

Pujol | La Guitarra 2 | Elegia for solo guitar

Model: D- 8118 / HI-I4393 UPC: 9790500225379 ISBN: 9790500225379
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Maximo Diego Pujol
La Guitarra Latinoamericana
Arranged by Maria Isabel Siewers

I. Allegro - Presto - Adagio
II. Vals
III. Presto
Pages 16

The Elegia is a work in three movements, consisting of a first movement in sonata form, a Vals and a final movement in rondo form. In all three movements, the style of the Rio de la Plata region with its Spanish and African influences is clearly identifiable. This is particularly noticeable in the second movement, an Argentinian form of the waltz (Valsecito criollo) which is influenced by the tango. A rousing composition, but one which is not too difficult to perform, it is certain to make an impression in concerts but is also highly suitable for use as teaching material.

Publisher: Helbling*Rum/Innsbruck


  • Model: D- 8118 / HI-I4393
  • Manufactured by: Helbling Publisher
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 9790500225379
  • ISBN: 9790500225379

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