Abel Armrest Original - Armauflage - for classical or acoustic guitar
[Abel Armrest Original]


By: Mel Hallam Date Added: 10/17/2013
I am full time classical guitar teacher in Las Vegas, NV. I therefore sit with the guitar six days a week often for hours at a stretch and anything that will make this easier, I am willing to try. The reviews about the Armauflage looked promising so I ordered one. I have to be honest, when it came, I thought, "$70 for this?" then I put it on - which was simple (Try the tall spacers for a classical) - and my attitude changed to a wide grin! You are paying for a brilliant design here (only a few points of soft rubber touch your guitar it is amazing. I have been using it for weeks on my Oribe without a sign of a mark from it). It makes playing the classical guitar really comfortable for the right arm. No more edge of the guitar pushing into your arm and no more bare arms sticking to the guitar either as it has a textured finish which eliminates this. All the other reviews are right: the support and the angle really do enhance the playing position of the right arm and hand. I can honestly say that this device is now as necessary to me as my foot stool. Teaching and playing without it now are out of the question!