Aquila Alabastro Superior Tension Guitar Strings 20C, Full Set
  • By: Alan Bennett
    Amazing strings ! The trebles, although of a higher tension than my usual ones, required a little while to adapt to. But within days I realized that I had at last found the warm and homogeneous tone I had been looking for, which I had developed during years of playing without fingernails (though I now play with relatively short nails). No complaint about the basses, which I find blend very well into the trebles.

    I suspect that these strings may also have such a fine sound because they are well adapted to my guitar, a 1997 J. Farré from Barcelona.
  • By: Eric Dickerson
    The Nylgut trebles are extraordinary. Great tone and feel. The also last forever. The basses are mediocre. I wish they still sold the trebles separately.
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