Aquila Alchemia Normal Tension - Bass Set
  • By: Laurence Mardon
    These basses are the cat's meow ... they're Nylgut wound with pure silver, & have an incredible volume: as loud or louder than Corums.
    They have the greatest clarity of any bass string I've come across. They trade this clarity for some of the warmness of other bass strings, but they have a growly-ness and decisiveness of tone which I find very appealing.
    I have a love-hate relationship with Nylgut trebles, & I usually pair these basses with something other than Nylgut ... Augustine Imperials, Savarez Alliances or -- my favourite -- Savarez normal-tension Cristal trebles (not the "New Cristal"). Although they're expensive, they last forever (as long as you use some kind of string-cleaner to clean the gunk out of the windings). As well, the pure silver is great for battling vampires -- you should never be unprepared.
    I should mention, tho, that I think that a Superior tension E-string works better with Normal tension A- and D-strings, so I usually buy them as single strings (I find the Normal tension E gets drowned-out by the A & D).
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