Aquila Granato Series Flamenco Guitar Strings 135C, Full Set
  • By: C Blane Ebersold
    I tried these on my flamenco negra and I like the sound of the trebles but... the g string on 3 different sets broke while tightening the strings or, in the case of the third set, within 10 minutes after bringing to pitch. (that was with everything ½ step down so I was tuning the g string to F#) The guitar has a 12-hole tie block so my best guess is that the g string can't handle the not used to keep the string from slipping. I haven't had this problem on my blanca which has a 6-hole tie block. I still love these trebles on my blanca but I'll be staying with Savarez on my negra.

    The basses on these are a little brighter than on the Rubinos but not bright enough for my taste.
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