Aquila Lava Soprano Ukulele Strings, High G, 110U, Full Set
  • By: Poul Bekker-Hansen
    I bought a cheap 20$ ukulele, just to try it out. It's ok, especially after I filed the nut down and cleaned and oiled the fretboard but it sounded a bit dull.
    Then I changed the original strings to Aquila Lava Soprano Ukulele Strings, High G, 110U and WHAT A DIFFERENCE. I'm rather sceptical over exaggerated claims, where there is only a diminutive difference but these strings are fantastic, compared to the cheap "fishing line" I had on my ukulele.
    They are much louder and have much more overtone, Especially when hitting them cleanly with your nails at a 90 degree angle, they can even sound a bit metallic but you can control that by the angle of your nail.
    They are somewhat thinner than my old and look really good. I can't however see any mother-of- pearl inspirations ;-) but who cares, as long as they play so well.
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