Aquila Rubino Normal Tension Classical Guitar Strings 134C, Full Set
  • By: C Blane Ebersold
    These are my new favorite trebles for my flamenco blanca. Bright and clear yet not harsh. The trebles stretched like crazy for the first day or so but once they settled down they have been very stable. They also have a great feel. The basses are good but I prefer a brighter sound. The Rubino trebles with Savarez basses may be my new favorite combo.
  • By: Kenny Koung
    Tried applying the 2nd string twice, but broke on me both times! The strings seem good (I assume I just got a bad set) but they're different than their Red series for ukulele - they're polished, whereas the Red series has a gritty feel. I was able to apply the 1st and 3rd strings with some success before the 1st string broke on me a day later. Basses seem to be your average silver-plated copper, nothing special. Overall, not worth the risk when there are so many other options out there like D'Addario, La Bella, Hannabach, etc.
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