Aranjuez Concert Gold 700 LT Classical Guitar Strings, Full Set
  • By: Tim Mize
    I think at long last I've found the trebles I've been looking for. Plenty of dynamic & tonal range - surprisingly loud actually - and for me the right balance between brightness and sweetness. Really strong G string and singing E. I'm especially happy with the way Bach sounds on these strings. I wasn't as crazy about the brass bass strings - the sound was good but the strings are too stiff for my taste and too hard to tune. The d string finally popped in two. Don't get me wrong, the basses are worth a try but if you're like me you'll end up pairing these nice trebles with something else.
  • By: Alan Hahn
    Over the years I've pretty much stuck to D'addario and Savarez strings. Tried the new Savarez Cantiga as well as all the different varieties of D'addario from Titanium to Rectified. From the first moment I tried the Aranjuez, I was in love. And still, two weeks later I can't believe how much better they are than any string I've ever tried. These strings put out a completely different sound on both the trebles and the basses. They may sound different on your guitar than on mine, but I highly recommend you give them a try.
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