Aranjuez Spanish Silver 200 LT Classical Guitar Strings, Full Set
  • By: Leo Valdez
    Great strings, I use them on a regular classical guitar and they have a warm, but bright sound on the treble strings. The bass strings are good too, and match well with the treble strings. Great strings for the price.
  • By: Belinda Bennett
    These strings are awesome for a beginner/novice player - as that is what I class myself as. I am not saying that these strings wouldn't suit advanced or professional players, but since I am reviewing them from my perspective, it is important for people to know that. They are labelled as low gauge (which I translate to "normal" tension), and these strings are very responsive and can last the distance for wear and tear. I enjoy the feel when i play with these strings- they are easy to play with and have a great flamenco sound which is very old school. I have a traditional flamenco blanca guitar with ebony pegs and these strings work very well, hold their tune and sound amazing on this guitar.
  • By: Keith Pratt
    I was searching for a good flamenco string for that old school sound and went through many brands until I tried these. These fit the bill. The trebles have a nice metallic sound and the basses are raspy but not "buzzy". The bass strings have a good life span and given how inexpensive they are it does not push me over a fiscal cliff to change them when they begin to die.
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