Augustine Regal Blue HT Classical Guitar Strings, Full Set 00200
  • By: Yin Wai Phang
    I've bought 10 packs of these strings from here, the value is really affordable and much more cheaper than the local retails in my country (Malaysia). Even with the shipping cost, it is still very reasonable! Really thankful with such offering. And the cheapest USPS priority option is linked to my local post office courier service, it has tracking service and courier service is way more reliable! I'm still not sure how USPS priority works, because most of online sellers whom are offering USPS priority will not be linked directly to my local courier service however will be only being shipped as local registered post at most. I really have no idea why despite the postage value is about the same, it is USPS priority anyway. Please keep this up to Malaysia shipping option as this is really helpful! And lastly, I've bought this strings getting ready for me Sakurai Masaki PC which will only reach me in another 2 months. I've tried a set immediately I've received it with my current so so guitar. But the improvement is huge compared to EJ45 Pro-Arté Nylon! I'm really happy with this strings and String By Mail offerings!
  • By: Ramiro Rubio
    I love everything about these strings except d the 4th string it sounds muffled and is not as brilliant as the other strings.I have used three separate packs of these specific strings and the same string is problematic.
  • By: Ronaldo Carlos Castilhos dos Reis
    Good price with quality. Strings brighter!
  • By: Bill Gross
    I got a pack of Augustine Regal Blues in the Strings By Mail Professional collection. When I put them on a Ramirez R4 it was like the Spanish got turned up to 11. What a find! If you like the Madrid sound these will give you THE classic tone. I had not totally found it until I put these on. Coincidentally, my guitar teacher put a set on his $8000 concert guitar (a US made modern lattice braced double-top) the same week. He was commenting on how good my guitar sounded since the week before and I was doing the same with his only to find we were both playing Regal Blues. The basses have resonance and clarity mixed with a dark tinge. The trebles are bright and full. The tone carries nicely and holds definition and distinctiveness throughout a hall in performance.
    On my Spanish made R4, these strings brought out concert level qualities from what is classified as a student guitar (although a very high level one). On the concert model they accentuated the warmth and darker tones with a lot of definition. It’s a traditional string with a traditional feel, as opposed to the somewhat thinner diameters of carbon fiber trebles. Regal Blues are high tension and may require just a little more finesse to play.
    I’ve been buying a lot of high end strings lately, costing from $20 on up to $50. Those strings are great, and all that silver gives you a lot of resistance to corrosion, but concerning tone, Regal Blues can stand with the best of them and deliver a traditional tone that the others can’t. Just because these are not expensive don't mistake them for cheap strings. Regal Blues deliver a much sought after sound that is instantly recognizable and different from what other makers are offering.
    One hint: be sure and put the colored ends on the headstock so they don’t stain the saddle.
    Good feel, definitive tone, great price.
  • By: Herbet Douglas
    One of the best Strings to guitar!
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