Augustine Regal Blue HT Classical Guitar Strings, Full Set 00200


By: Bill Gross Date Added: 01/23/2013
I got a pack of Augustine Regal Blues in the Strings By Mail Professional collection. When I put them on a Ramirez R4 it was like the Spanish got turned up to 11. What a find! If you like the Madrid sound these will give you THE classic tone. I had not totally found it until I put these on. Coincidentally, my guitar teacher put a set on his $8000 concert guitar (a US made modern lattice braced double-top) the same week. He was commenting on how good my guitar sounded since the week before and I was doing the same with his only to find we were both playing Regal Blues. The basses have resonance and clarity mixed with a dark tinge. The trebles are bright and full. The tone carries nicely and holds definition and distinctiveness throughout a hall in performance.
On my Spanish made R4, these strings brought out concert level qualities from what is classified as a student guitar (although a very high level one). On the concert model they accentuated the warmth and darker tones with a lot of definition. It’s a traditional string with a traditional feel, as opposed to the somewhat thinner diameters of carbon fiber trebles. Regal Blues are high tension and may require just a little more finesse to play.
I’ve been buying a lot of high end strings lately, costing from $20 on up to $50. Those strings are great, and all that silver gives you a lot of resistance to corrosion, but concerning tone, Regal Blues can stand with the best of them and deliver a traditional tone that the others can’t. Just because these are not expensive don't mistake them for cheap strings. Regal Blues deliver a much sought after sound that is instantly recognizable and different from what other makers are offering.
One hint: be sure and put the colored ends on the headstock so they don’t stain the saddle.
Good feel, definitive tone, great price.
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