Cordoba Folding Foot Stool
[Cordoba FS]
  • By: Paul Joslin
    ah, I changed my mind. It's just not solid enough like my old heavy wood and iton one is. Ok, for traveling.
  • By: Daniel Niederer
    Extremely low quality; don't waste your money.

    The materials used are cheap, the two support bars for the legs aren't glued in, the quality control is terrible, it's flimsy, comes with now bag, the tolerances on the screws are extremely loose, and, above all else, it's basically the same price as the K&M metal footstools, which are good products.

    If you must have a wood footstool, I think the Ultra is a better choice, as at least is comes with a bag. (These footstool will not stay closed by themselves! i.e. no clip... a bag really make transport much easier to deal with if you have a lot of gear to cart around)

    As a music major studying classical guitar at university, if I can save even one other person the disappointment I've experienced with this product, this little review will have been worth it.

    Seriously, the K&M footstools offered on SBM are a much better buy.
  • By: Paul Joslin
    just really nice. If you have one of those old Spanish foot stools they sold back in the old days with the metal stops that tear up your fingernails each time you touch them and move them or g-d forbid have to lower or raise, these Cordoba mostly wooden are realy nice. They fold up really tight if you need to travel, very economical, and pleasant to be around. Easy to adjust to your preferred height with many small adjustments that still keep it safe and balanced. If I was advising Cordoba, devote all you energy to the quality of these footstools, since for most of us that is our first introduction to Cordoba quality.

    otherwise, A very nice foot rest which folds very flat for travelling, pleasant in it's mostly natural wood components and very easy to adjust without tearing up your fingernails.
  • By: Jonathan Lozoya
    I bought one of these and one of the legs ended up breaking. I had it replaced, only to find it break again. This time from the back hinge on the top. It says rosewood, but I think that's just what the color is called. After inspecting the pieces after it broke, it did not resemble the texture of wood. Anyways, my father ended up saving the hardware from this stool to build a better one with REAL WOOD..THANKS DAD!