Cordoba Folding Foot Stool
[Cordoba FS]

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By: Daniel Niederer Date Added: 04/26/2016
Extremely low quality; don't waste your money.

The materials used are cheap, the two support bars for the legs aren't glued in, the quality control is terrible, it's flimsy, comes with now bag, the tolerances on the screws are extremely loose, and, above all else, it's basically the same price as the K&M metal footstools, which are good products.

If you must have a wood footstool, I think the Ultra is a better choice, as at least is comes with a bag. (These footstool will not stay closed by themselves! i.e. no clip... a bag really make transport much easier to deal with if you have a lot of gear to cart around)

As a music major studying classical guitar at university, if I can save even one other person the disappointment I've experienced with this product, this little review will have been worth it.

Seriously, the K&M footstools offered on SBM are a much better buy.
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