Cordoba Mini M - Natural
[Mini M]

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By: Carl Horwitz Date Added: 09/03/2015
The Mini M is a fantastic little instrument. It's amazingly light, but feels sturdy and somehow still feels really balanced in the arms. Obviously I don't get the same deep sound as my full-sized instruments, but it has great tone and projects quite well for such a small package. I had a Cordoba Guilele for a few years and while I enjoyed it, there were a few things that I wasn't crazy about; the skinny neck was difficult for my fat fingers, coming from a traditional guitar I never mastered restringing it with the knot and I never felt the build quality was as good as it could have been. For me, the Mini fixes all of these "issues" and is a perfect little guitar to strap on my back when I'm out and about. I couldn't be happier with the instrument and felt very supported by Strings By Mail and my interactions with Matt.