D'Addario EJ25B Flamenco Guitar Strings with Black Trebles, Full Set
  • By: Michael Stilwell
    Basses are very bright sounding. Trebles are dull except top E. Overall volume is low and sound and volume are not balanced across the strings. Basses settle into tune very quickly; by the second day they were stable. I tried these on my spruce/cypress flamenco guitar and was very disappointed. By way of comparison the LaBella 2001 Flamenco normal tension strings sound fantastic on the same guitar.
  • By: Oksana Osborne
    I just finished putting these strings on my guitar, and I can't get them off fast enough. They are too bright for my taste, with not as much depth as other strings I've tried. I have a Cordoba flamenco guitar with a very full sound, and these strings dampen the power that I know is in my instrument. Not being a very experienced player, maybe it's my mistake for thinking that flamenco strings would provide a full, complex sound. I would say that this set makes my guitar sound more like a steel-string, rather than a nylon-string.
  • By: Lance Ball
    On my Ramirez FL2 they have a wonderful feel,response,tone and I know they will be durable..Now I have ended the perpetual search for the right strings for my blanca.Initially,I wasn't sure but after a couple of days playing with them I am definitively sold on them.
  • By: Brad DeRoche
    Fantastic strings! They are powerful, brilliant and clear. If you want to add some life to your guitar - try these. I have them on a Conde negra and an Eric Monrad spruce/brazilian. Both instruments were improved over any other type of string I had tried. They give you rasp when you need it, but also have a rich sound for solos. They also last a very long time and have a great overall timbre. I prefer the black trebles over the clear personally. Highly recommended.
  • By: Spyros Gounaropoulos
    Very responsive strings. Great attack, very nice trebles. I have put a set a month ago and still are working great to my blanca. I wish Strings by Mail could sell these separately because the trebles are last for too long.
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