D'Addario EJ44 Pro Arte XHT Classical Guitar Strings, Full Set


By: Ian Hodges Date Added: 08/24/2016
I was warned by a guitar teacher in my early days of study to avoid extra hard tension strings, since they put too much pressure on the top/bridge (he played a very lightly built Hauser-style guitar). But I noticed recently that the Hannabach strings I was using on my Paulino Bernabe Imperial guitar actually have greater overall tension than this D'Addario set, so I decided to try them. This beautiful Spanish guitar only responds well to strings with high tension. These strings are fantastic on this guitar - all of the great qualities of D'Addario strings are present (perfect intonation, even response, smooth trebles that last well), and they sound great on this guitar. Powerful punchy basses and warm, clear trebles, perfectly balanced. Wonderful! After many years of using the normal and hard tension D'Addario strings on my other guitars, I am truly delighted to find that this set works on my best guitar.
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