D'Addario EJ44C Pro Arte Composite Guitar Strings XHT, Full Set


By: Jeff Learman Date Added: 01/22/2015
I just restrung my cedar-top with these and I'm smitten.

I had been using Augustine Classic Blue, which didn't have as high tension as I wanted (and didn't know about the other series). I stopped using them because I kept getting high E strings that would warble, trying several different brands and sets none of which I particularly liked.

These strings are rock solid, nice and bright without sounding artificial, and incredible tuning stability. I used the clear nylon G string, not having noticed the composite one until after I'd put on the clear one (this set comes with TWO G strings!) I'm happy with the clear one.

For the first time, I have strings that might actually be higher tension than I need. I love the playability, but will have to build some strength for certain vibratos, ones that come naturally and easily with lower tensions but that are a bit of a struggle for me on these.
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