D'Addario EJ45 Pro Arte NT Classical Guitar Strings, Full Set
  • By: Matthew Masail
    One of the best string for good guitars. it seems the better the guitar the better the pro-art trebles seem. I agree on some less than high end guitars they might not sound that great, but the are remarkable on a fine instrument, especially the trebles, I often go elsewhere for basses.
  • By: Ian Hodges
    For a lightly built guitar (Hauser or Torres style) these strings will work well, for a more rugged build the Hard tension strings will probably be better. Quality control and intonation are superb in this line of strings. Those who find them dull should probably try the hard tension set - the normal tension strings are probably not "driving" the top of the guitar. I find these strings to be "neutral" in the best meaning of the word, in that they allow the qualities of the guitar to come out. A great string type to start with, as a baseline for comparison when sampling various string brands. And we all go through at least 6 brands before finding our ideal strings....
  • By: rick pruitt
    There are many varieties of Pro Arte. I read one reviewer that didn't think much of this set and wondered why they are so popular. This packaging looks like the Pro Arte Dynacore, which I personally think are excellent, and I know many other guitarist really like. Maybe that is the confusion.
  • By: Thomas Friedrich
    I also can't understand why these strings have such great reviews. It's true the intonation is probably the best of all string brands. Except for the third string, which is always a problem. It's jus the way they sound though. The basses are really bright and twangy. The trebles I would describe as stiff and plasticky. You get a lot of nail chatter on them. Clicky sounds, because they are platicky. They're not bad strings. Just unworthy of all the accolades, in my opinion, when there are so many others that sound so great in comparison.
  • By: niels christensen
    Like a Volkswagen :)reliable, reasonably priced and you know what you get. I have tried a LOT of strings, believe me. These strings are always in tune all over the fretboard, sound and sustain is good - trebles maybe a bit on the mellow side - basses a bit bright but not too much. I use these strings for all my nylon stringed guitars - even my darling: A Ramirez 1a from the early 70'es.
  • By: Siamak Saghafi
    excellent strings for practising, soft mellow and round sound, long lasting, nicely priced, highly recomended, I use them on flamenco guitar. sometimes with T2 titanium trebles to make something extra.
  • By: Spyros Gounaropoulos
    I can't understand why these strings have so many fans. For practice are ok, but only for that. I heard that they have a good intonation. Agreed, but after two days i couldn't hear my G string (was so dull) and i needed give a maximum power from my fingers just to hear something interesting from this.
  • By: Glenn Patterson
    I have used this string forever, as have about half of touring professionals (like David Russel). These strings have tremendous sound and perfect intonation. Trebles are perfect, not too bright, not too mellow. Basses are solid. Tension is lighter than most any other brand, so they are easy on both nails and left hand fingertips. If you have a new guitar, this should be the string you try first (or J46 which is just as good, just a little higher tension).
  • By: frank candido
    I've used these Pro Arte's for many years and they last a long time. I believe they are the best nylon strings among all the others that are on the market today. You won't be disappointed!
  • By: Nicholas Ciraldo
    Good, very reliable strings for the amateur and professional. The trebles are THICK, so if you prefer the thinness of, say, a brand like Savarez, you may not like these. The D'Addario sound is not as clear and bright as the Savarez-type string. The D'Addario strings are always in tune.

    (SBM Note: This is a comparison of D'Addario EJ45 (nylon) to Savarez 540J strings. 540J are carbon strings which will be thinner in diameter and brighter.)
  • By: Bo Hwan Wang
    These strings settle quickly and stay in tune. The strings have great intonation and make playing easy for the left hand.